Wednesday, 11 May 2011

How To Conduct Effective Article Marketing

When you own a brick and mortar business, your customers come through the doors and get to meet you, talk to you, make eye contact with you, and build a level of trust in you that brings loyalty and repeat business. Earning that trust on the Internet with a virtual business can be much more difficult to do. Establishing credibility as a trusted and reliable source of information in your niche or industry with effective article marketing is one of the most solid - and inexpensive - ways to achieve that level of trust with your unseen market.
Article marketing is most effective when you are actually providing something of value to the reader. You should be introducing them to new ideas, relaying useful and helpful information, or sharing inspiration and motivation that helps your readers be more likely to achieve their goals. Choosing where to publish your articles is important too; publishing an article in an established venue like provides you with enormous reach beyond what you could achieve on your own.
When writing your articles, it is important to create clear and carefully constructed thoughts that your readers will be able to understand. Don't speak down to your reading audience as though you are patronizing them, but don't speak about a technical subject in such a complicated way that no one will understand.
Be real with your writing. Article marketing is an excellent opportunity for you to help your readers get to know you. You can build integrity and credibility by writing about topics you understand well and by sharing information that you know will help your readers in some way.
Don't be afraid to share credit. If you discovered an article or blog someone else wrote that is useful, don't see them as competition but as yet another way in which you can help your readers. Share a link to whatever you read or found that was useful. Keep your readers informed about what articles and blogs you are reading.
If writing is not your strength, outsource the actual writing of your articles to someone who specializes in ghostwriting. This type of specialist will be able to take your ideas and thoughts and create the kind of article you would write for yourself if you had either the skill or the time.

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